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30 Years
  • UHV-E-Beam-Evaporator

    Fully UHV compatible E-Beam Evaporator for high purity material evaporation in MBE. Single and multi-pocket models with or without in-situ flux control are available.


    Octoplus 500 III-V MBE system for high quality GaAs / AlGaAs / InGaAs layer growth 

  • company building front

    The company building is optimally equipped with modern laboratory and office spaces that provide enhanced working conditions and allow for further future expansion. 

  • company building

    Bird's eye view of the company building with its rooftop solar power systems.

    Visit our rooftop PV system:
    Username: international@mbe-komponenten.de
    Password: 1webuser9
    Power data via Solarweb

  • Dual MBE System

    Dual MBE system with central substrate handling module. It allows the combination of complementary materials, e.g., SiGe MBE and III-V MBE layer growth. Substrate sizes of 4“ or up to  6“ or 7x 2“ are available.

  • OCTOPLUS-O 400

    Octoplus-O 400 - MBE System for deposition of high quality oxide layers using Ozone

  • CIGS System

    Octoplus 500 Thin Film CIGS, CZTS or CdTe solar cell MBE system. This UHV deposition system allows for the fabrication of solar cell adsorber layers with record efficiency.  Substrate sizes up to 6“ or 100 x 100 mm2 are possible.

  • OCTOPLUS 300 MBE System

    The OCTOPLUS 300 system is ideally suited for material deposition on small samples. It provides good access and easy operation and maintenance.