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  • OCTOPLUS 600 MBE System

    OCTOPLUS 600 MBE system for the growth of high quality III-V, II/VI or other material heterostructures on multi wafer 3x3 inch, or single wafer 6 inch substrate.


    OCTOPLUS 500 III-V MBE system for high quality GaAs / AlGaAs / InGaAs layer growth 

  • company building front

    The company building is optimally equipped with modern laboratory and office spaces that provide enhanced working conditions and allow for further future expansion. 

  • company building

    Bird's eye view of the company building with its rooftop solar power systems.

  • Dual MBE System

    Dual MBE system with central substrate handling module. It allows the combination of complementary materials, e.g., SiGe MBE and III-V MBE layer growth. Substrate sizes of 4“ or up to  6“ or 7x 2“ are available.

  • OCTOPLUS-O 400

    OCTOPLUS-O 400 - MBE System for deposition of high quality oxide layers using Ozone

  • EBVM

    Fully UHV compatible E-Beam Evaporator for high purity material evaporation in MBE. Single and multi-pocket models with or without in-situ flux control are available.

  • OCTOPLUS 300 MBE System

    The OCTOPLUS 300 system is ideally suited for material deposition on small samples. It provides good access and easy operation and maintenance.