Applications, Nano- and Opto-Electronics, Thin Film Solar Cells, Nano Structures, Oxides an Dielectrics, Organics, Metals

MBE products are applied in ...

OptoelectronicsOur MBE systems and components are used in the preparation of compound semiconductor devices such as HBTs, MESFETs, HEMTs as well as photo detectors and GaAs based laser diodes. Thin Film Solar CellsLarge capacity sources are available for Cu, Ga, In, NaF and Se evaporation in large scale production of thin film solar cells. We create turn-key R&D systems and components for the growth of CIGS, CZTS and CdTe solar cell layers.
Nano StructuresOur products are frequently employed for the preparation of nano structures like self-assembling dots, nano wires and for general small sample preparation. Quantum MaterialsOur MBE systems enable the preparation of quantum materials. Atomic layer precise deposition of metals, semiconductors and superconductors allow the fabrication of qubits, which may become essential for future quantum computers.
2D Materials2D materials consist of a single layer of atoms or molecules. Examples are Graphene, Silicene, Borophene Phosphorene Tungsten and Molybdenum diselenide. The layers are prepared by 2D van der Waals heterostructures. SpintronicsOur MBE systems and components make it possible to prepare solid state devices to study spin-dependent electron transport phenomena and giant magneto-resistance effects. Magnetic tunnel junctions can be prepared with our Octoplus MBE systems.
Topological InsulatorsOur MBE systems make it possible to grow high quality topological insulators of different material types, e.g. HgTe, Bi2Se3  Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3, as well as Heusler alloys, oxides, and many others. Oxides and DielectricsElectron beam evaporation as well as oxygen resistant thermal evaporation sources and heaters are used for vacuum deposition of oxide and nitride layers.
OrganicsWe manufacture organic material deposition systems and components for the preparation of OLED organic solar cells and other organic thin films. MetalsApplications in this category are, for example, Au or Ag deposition for semiconductor device contacts and formation of Al contact layers for OLEDs. Numerous other metals are deposited by using our e-beam evaporators and high temperature sources.