15.11.2016 - 18.11.2016: ECMolS 2016
Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the European Conference on Molecular Spintronics ECMolS 2016 held on 15-18 November 2016 in Bologna, Italy.
Location: Bologna, Italy
Organizer: ECMolS Commitee
ECMolS 2016
"About ECMolS

The Conference has the ambitious goal to establish and implement a new networking and collaboration scheme able to merge together the fields of Organic Spintronics, Molecular Magnetism and Molecular Quantum Technologies.


- spin polarised devices based on molecular materials
- electrical and optical manipulation of spins
- molecular nanomagnetism: spintronics and other phenomena
- single molecule spintronics

- magnetic effects at hybrid interfaces
- spin-orbit induced effects
- molecular spins for quantum technologies
- processing technologies in molecular spintronics"

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