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Two-Dimensional Material Deposition


2D materials consist of a single layer of atoms or molecules, e.g., Graphene, Silicene, Borophene Phosphorene Tungsten and Molybdenum diselenide.
The layers are prepared by 2D van der Waals Heterostructures.
We offer MBE systems and evaporation sources to allow very precise 2D material deposition.

2D materials are interesting for applications in semiconductor devices, e.g., Bilayer Graphen Logic device, quantum devices, FETs or solar cells.

FET structure
Example:  Field-Effect-Transistor structure with 2D functional material layer


UHV Deposition and Annealing Systems

Octoplus 400OCTOPLUS 400 AO 500Rapid Thermal Annealing System


Components for two-dimensional material deposition

SUKOCarbon Sublimation Sources
Carbon Sublimation Source SUKOAtomic Carbon Sublimation Source
Silicon Sublimation Source SUSISilicon Sublimation Source
Thermal Cracker Cell TCCThermal Cracker Cell

Valved Sulfur Source VSSValved Sulfur Source
DECOGaP Decomposition Sources

Vertical Electron Beam Evaporator EBVVVertical Electron Beam Evaporator
Valved Thermal Cracker Cell VTCCValved Thermal Cracker Cell VTCC