Atomic Carbon Sublimation Source SUKO-A


Atomic Carbon Sublimation Source

  • Thermal sublimation of atomic carbon

  • Refractory metal tube filament filled with ultrapure carbon

  • Only pyrolytic graphite and tantalum parts in hot area
  • Water-cooled power feedthrough

  • Cooling shroud and shutter optionally available

  • Compatible with UHV analysis systems and MBE growth chambers
SUKO-A 40 Atomic Carbon Sublimation Source on DN40CF (O.D. 2.75") flange

The Carbon Sublimation Source SUKO-A provides pure, highly reactive atomic carbon with a vast majority of C1 instead of the large percentage of C2 and C3 clusters (~75%) that naturally arise during the sublimation of graphite.

The extraordinary filament consists of a refractory metal tube, filled with carbon. At temperatures above 1800°C, the carbon diffuses through the tube and sublimates from its outer surface. The tube itself functions like a filter, letting pass only atomic carbon.

The University of Jena patented this technique in collaboration with Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten GmbH. Several publications dealing with the Atomic Carbon Sublimation Source SUKO-A  have already been published. They are listed  in section References / List of Publications.

The proven design of the SUKO-A prevents disturbing outgassing of undesirable material. Only pyrolytic graphite surrounds the filament. The power feedthrough is water-cooled and has been built process safe without any water or vacuum welding-seam.
The direct heating of the filament by a DC power supply provides reliable and easy handling.

The SUKO-A source is in respect to its appearance and dimensions comparable to the well-proven standard Carbon Sublimation Source SUKO. In fact, it is possible to modify all existing SUKO sources into a SUKO-A and vice versa with a few spare parts in the field.

The SUKO-A is available in two sizes on either DN40CF (O.D. 2.75") or DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") flange. It can be mounted easily into common UHV analysis systems or MBE growth chambers.

Cooling shroud and shutter, highly recommended for the majority of applications, are optionally available.

SUKO-A assembly

Main parts of the SUKO-A assembly

The following table compares the different atomic carbon sublimation sources with respect to the required electrical power and the typical flux rates at 100 mm working distance.

Source type Mounting flange Electrical power Carbon flux
SUKO-A 40 DN40CF (O.D. 2.75") 500 W 0.1 nm/min
SUKO-A 63 DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") 1000 W 0.5 nm/min

Technical data

Mounting flange
DN40CF (O.D. 2.75") or DN63CF (O.D. 4.5")
Dimensions in vacuum L=250-400 mm, D=36 or D=55 mm
Filament type refractory metal tube filled with carbon
Filament shielding filament completely shielded with PG parts
Thermocouple W5%Re/W26%Re (type C)
Bakeout temperature max. 250°C
Operation temperature max. filament temperature 2300°C
Electrical contacts water-cooled (4x Swagelok fitting connection O.D. 6 mm); water flow min. 30 l/h
Cooling separate water (or LN2) cooling shroud
Options integrated rotary shutter (S)


    Schematic drawing SUKO   Schematic drawing of the Atomic Carbon Sublimation Source SUKO-A

(drawing shows SUKO-A 40)

Specific data

For general information on CF mounting flanges see Flange and Gasket dimensions.

[mm] / [mm] [W] / [A] [nm/min] Product code
SUKO-A 40 - LxxxD36 500 / 75 0.1 PS 20-76
SUKO-A 63 - S - LxxxD55 1000 / 110 0.5 PS 20-120
* rotary shutter possible on same flange
** maximum growth rate at 100mm distance
*** specify UHV length L with order

Product code:

e.g. SUKO-A 63-S-L300D55

is an atomic carbon sublimation source on DN63 CF-flange with shutter, in-vacuum length 300mm and diameter 55mm.


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