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Cables and Connectors


Power cables
Power cables, cross-sections 2 x 2.5 / 25 / 16 mm², different lengths
  • Solutions for all connections

  • Cleanroom compatible

  • Power cables for currents up 100 A

  • Various cross-sections and lengths

  • Thermocouple extension cables

  • High-temperature bakeable cables and connectors up to 300°C


We provide suitable power and thermocouple extension cables for all our products. Ready-to-connect cable sets consist of power cables and TC extension lines (including correct plugs and connectors) and are offered for all sources in a useful standard length of 6 m. Cut-to-measure individual cables of different cross-sections are available as well tailored to fit your application.


Power Cables

According to the specific current consumption of the sources power cables are provided with strands of diameter 2.5 mm² (25 A) up to 25 mm² (100 A).

Standard cables are bakeable up to 170°C. For use in bakeout panels PTFE-coated high-bakeable power cables (max. 260°C) are available. Since most UHV chambers only require 1-2 m of high-bakeable cables we manufacture customized cables consisting of standard and high-bakeable sections.

(Cables with multi-pin air-side connectors are limited to 125° for standard and 200°C for high-bakeable versions.)

Connectors, tube cable lugs and plugs

Connectors, tube cable lugs and plugs

Thermocouple Extension Cables

Our most commonly used type of thermocouple is W5%Re/W26%Re (type C). For some products also thermocouple NiCr/NiAl (type K) is offered.
We provide thermocouple extension cables for type C and type K thermocouples, necessary for transmission of the temperature measuring data from thermocouple feedthrough to temperature indicator/controller. All thermocouple extension cables and plugs are bakeable up to 300°C.

 Thermocouple extension cables

Ready-to-connect thermocouple extension cables for thermocouple types C and K


Thermocouple data

images/header_ansi_code.gif images/header_alloy_combination.gif images/header_color_code.gif images/header_maximum_temperature_.gif images/header_emf.gif images/header_emf_over_max.gif images/header_comments.gif
[°C] [µV/K] [mV]
C W-5%Re
(+) white
(-) red
0 to +2320 19 at 500°C
17 at 1000°C
11 at 2000°C
0 to +37.107 vacuum, inert, hydrogen - mostly used in high temp. applications (>750°C), not for oxidizing atmosphere
K Ni-Cr
Ni-Al (magnetic)
(+) yellow
(-) red
-270 to
41 at 100°C
43 at 500°C
39 at 1000°C
-6.458 to
clean oxidation and inert, limited use in vacuum or reducing atmosphere - wide temp. range, popular calibration