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Cooling Shrouds


CS 100-63T-S
CS 100-63T-S, water cooling shroud with integrated shutter on a DN100CF (O.D. 6") flange, fitting to a DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") source flange
  • Many different types of cooling shrouds

  • Flange adaption of evaporation sources, manipulators and measurement equipment to MBE systems

  • Closed cooling option (-C): protection against contamination of chamber and source

  • Integrated shutter option (-S)

  • Water or liquid nitrogen cooling


The separate cooling shrouds can be used in combination with evaporation sources that have no integrated water cooling. Due to their all-stainless steel construction, they are bakeable up to 250°C (TC reading 400°C) without water flow.

CS 63-40T-S

CS 63-40T-S water cooling shroud on a DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") flange with integrated shutter

Furthermore, the option "closed cooling" (option -C) is available for CS type cooling shrouds. In this case the cooling tube is welded directly onto the flange.

CS 63-40-C

CS water cooling shroud with "closed cooling" option CS 63-40T-C

Cooling shrouds fit most port flanges DN63CF or larger. They are equipped with a mounting flange to the port and a source flange which corresponds with the mounting flange of the evaporation source. Instead of an additional flange (option -R) a zero-length adapter flange can be used as mounting flange as well as source flange.

CS 100-63T-CR

CS 100-63T-CR water cooling shroud on a DN100CF (O.D. 6.0") mounting flange, with DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") source flange

The CS 200-150T is an example of a vertically mounted (face-down) cooling shroud, typically used for substrate manipulators, wafer heaters or measurement equipment in MBE systems.

CS 200-150T

CS 200-150T water cooling shroud on a DN200CF (O.D. 10") flange

Our cooling shrouds are compatible with most MBE systems as for example Riber, VG Semicon, Varian, Eiko, DCA, Veeco, Applied Epi and Omicron. For other systems please specify mounting flange, in-vacuum length, in-vacuum diameter, substrate size and the distance from cell orifice to the substrate. Cooling shrouds with mounting flange sizes from DN63CF up to DN200CF are available (see Specific data table below).

Cooling and Shutter Options

We offer water cooling shrouds. Liquid nitrogen (LN) cooling is possible for some shrouds on request. Optionally we offer shrouds with the cooling tube welded directly onto the flange ("closed cooling" option -C).
Some cooling shrouds are available with additional shutter (option -S). The shutter rod is guided in a tube inside the cooling shroud and a DN16CF flange is added to the mounting flange to carry the rotary shutter feedthrough. For automated processes we offer electrically driven soft-acting rotary shutter modules RSM in combination with shutter control units SCU.
For general information on CF mounting flanges see Flange, Gasket and Tube Dimensions.



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CS 63-40T-S

Schematic drawing of a Cooling Shroud with zero-length adapter flange and shutter option -S

(drawing shows CS 63-40T-S)

CS 63-40T-C

Schematic drawing of a Cooling Shroud with zero-length adapter flange and option "closed cooling" -C

(drawing shows CS 63-40T-C)

CS 100-63T-CR

Schematic drawing of a closed Cooling Shroud with with retracted DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") source flange 

(drawing shows CS 100-63T-CR)


Specific data

For general information on CF mounting flanges see Flange and Gasket dimensions.

The flanges in the table below are all type DNxxCF if not further marked.

Used letter-code:
K / F: ISO-K / ISO-F flange
T: Flange with tapped holes
S: Option shutter
C: Option closed cooling shroud
R: Option retracted source flange
LN: Option liquid nitrogen cooling medium
G: Threads for water connection, diameter = x/x"
Dx: Welded-in cooling water pipes, fitting size = x mm

Mounting flange Source flange images/header_options.gif In-vacuum length L In-vacuum outer diameter D In-vacuum inner diameter I.D. Adapter length AL Shroud length SL Cooling water connection
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
CS 40(T) 63(T), 100 C, R 220...400 44...115 29...72 17...90 max. L+AL G1/8"
CS 63 40(T) S, C, R 220...400 54...75 35...41 17...90 max. L+AL D6
CS 63 63 C, R 220...267 62...70 50...57 17...80 max. L+AL G1/8"
CS 63 100 C, R 220...300 57...70 38...57 34...90 max. L+AL G1/8"
CS 75 40, 50(T), 63, 100 C, R 121...287 57...80 39...66 17...162 max. L+AL D6, G1/8"
100 40(T) S, C, R, LN
220...400 57...92 39...48 20...110 max. L+AL D6, G1/8"
CS 100 63(T) S, C, R 220...400 76...93 57...66 20...110 max. L+AL D6, D8, G1/4", G1/8"
CS 100 100 S, C, R 245...400 57...99 41...84 20...110 max. L+AL G1/8"
CS 125 63(T), 100, 150 C, R 245...400 89...115 60...89 21...110 max. L+AL G1/4", G1/8"
CS 150 63(T), 100, 125 S, C, R, LN 245...400 89...146 66...140 21...150 max. L+AL D6, D8, G1/4", G1/8"
CS 160 63(T), 160F C, R 245...589 93...140 66...104 21...150 max. L+AL G1/4", G1/8"
CS 200, 250 100, 150(T), 200 C, R 245...500 169...250 133...200 24...180 max. L+AL D8, G1/4", G1/8"

The table shows a selection of CS types with possible options and size ranges. Further size and option combinations are possible on request. Please contact us

Product code:

e.g. CS 100-63-CR-S-LxxxD95

is a closed water cooling shroud with DN100CF mounting flange and retracted DN63CF source flange, integrated shutter and in-vacuum diameter 95 mm.