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Motorized Valve Control Unit 


Motorized Valve Control Unit MVCU


The Motorized Valve Control Unit (MVCU) provides the power and control for the stepper motor drive which moves the mechanical valve mechanism inside a valved effusion cell.

Manual and remote control of the valve position as well as an automated calibration of the zero position (valve closed) is available by the touch screen monitor on the front panel of the MVCU controller.

In “Remote Mode” the valve position can be set by an external voltage (0...10 V DC) after calibration of the MVCU.

A special Valved Shutter operation mode (VS) allows acting the MVCU similar to a simple shutter unit. Therefore the valve is opened to a position, selected by the user and closed by an external digital signal from a shutter control unit (SCU) or process control computer.

Technical data

Mains input
100-230 V AC / 50…60 Hz
Fuse 250 V / 2 A lazy
Dimensions 3 HU (135 mm) x ½ 19” (240 mm)
installed depth: 370 mm + 80 mm for connectors
Stepper motor 24 V DC, max. 1.8 A, max. torque: 0.5 Nm
Remote analog input 0...10 V; 12 bit AD converter, input resistance 200 kΩ
Valve position 0-9.99 mm; accuracy: 0.01 mm
Programmable positions 3 + valved-shutter-position