MBE Components, Power Supply and Temperature Control PS


Power Supply and Temperature Control


PS 30-10
PS 100-17, 100 V / 17 A DC power supply
  • High quality DC power supplies

  • Constant voltage and current control

  • Programmable power supplies and PID controllers

  • High efficiency and long lifetime

  • Industrial standard components

  • Modular design

  • 19" rack system compatible


The Power Supplies PS and PID temperature controllers delivered by MBE-Komponenten GmbH guarantee successful and safe operation of our products. In order to achieve a precise temperature control resulting in a stable flux for effusion cells, we recommend using only our proven controllers and reliable DC power supplies. Some important features are presented in the following.


DC power supplies

  • 150-7500 W power supplies available

  • 100 kHz power conversion technique compatible with most AC supplies

  • Low weight, small dimensions (1/6 19"; 1/2 19" or 19"; 1-3 HU)

  • Built-in RS232/RS485 & USB interface

  • Optional LAN, GPIB & isolated analogue programming interfaces

  • Protection against short circuit and all overload conditions (including thermal overload)

  • Programming of voltage or current inputs

  • Bright digital display (voltage and current)

  • Stable long time operation at full loaded DC output

  • Safety Agency Certifications - UL61010-1, EN61010-1, IEC61010 (Designed to meet UL/EN60950-1)

  • Conducted & Radiated EMI - EN55022 or IEC/EN61326-1, FCC compliant

  • Immunity - IEC61326 (Designed to meet EN55022 / EN55024)

  • Input voltage 230Vac or 380Vac

DC power supplies in rack

DC power supplies mounted on a 19" rack

EUROTHERM temperature controller

  • Industry standard PID temperature controller (Eurotherm 3500 series)

  • Auto tuning feature: PID parameters are automatically detected and loaded into memory

  • 50 programs

  • IR-communications adapter available

  • iTools Editor

  • Real-time clock

  • RS 232, RS 422/485 interfaces work with
    - Modbus RTU
    - Ethernet Modbus TCP
    - Profibus DP
    - DeviceNet®

  • Single or dual loop controller

  • Bright green LED 7-segment displays
  • All standard thermocouples applicable

  • Safety Agency Certifications EN61010

  • Conducted & radiated EMI EN61326

  • Input voltage 100 - 230 Vac

PID controllers in rack

PID temperature controllers on the rack



We provide the appropriate power supply for your application with or without temperature controller, together with all necessary cables and connectors, configured for the applied thermocouple type. For information about thermocouples and cables please also see page cables and connectors.