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Organic Material Effusion Cell OME 100


OME 100-75
OME 100-75 on DN100 ISO-K flange with 25 cm³ crucible capacity.
  • Flange size DN 100 ISO-K

  • Patented Thermal Conduction Cooling (TCC)

  • Ideal for evaporation of organic materials

    for PV, display and OLED applications

  • Fast and precise temperature control

  • Temperature range 15-400°C

  • Fully UHV and MBE compatibility


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The Organic Material Effusion Cell OME is specially designed for the evaporation or sublimation of high vapor pressure materials, notably sensitive organic substances, at operating temperatures up to 400°C. It can likewise be used for other materials typically evaporated at very low temperatures, e.g. alkali metals. Due to its patented Thermal Conduction Cooling with encapsulated heater unit, the OME offers drastically improved operation properties below the lowest temperature limit of common Knudsen-type effusion cells. The novel

As an option we offer the TCC concept for the OME 100-75, which involves a liquid metal used as a thermal conductor that  provides a direct thermal connection between crucible and heat reservoir, leaving no isolating voids.

Conventional effusion sources show a poor cooling efficiency, due to the T4-dependency of emitted radiation power, rendering precise temperature control below 150°C very difficult.
The OME with the TCC concept uses the linearity of the heat transfer between a heated reservoir and a cooled heat sink to obtain a high cooling rate even at very low operating temperatures. Rapid cooling down, low thermal time constants and a stable temperature control are thus achieved.
Despite its larger thermal mass the cooling rate of the TCC cell is much higher at low temperatures and reaches up to 10°C/min even at 70°C

The diagram below shows the excellent long term temperature stability of the OME with TCC concept. During a period of 10h of operation the temperture does not fluctuate more then ± 0.02 K

Schematic drawing of TCC-technique
Schematic drawing of the TCC technique
as applied in the OME


OME long-term temperature fluctuation
Temperature fluctuation during long-term operation for the OME 40 cell


Technical data

Mounting flange
DN100 ISO-K or larger
Length in vacuum
Heating system
Encapsulated Ta-wire heater with patented TCC-technique
Temperature sensor NiCr/NiAl (type K) thermocouple
Bakeout temperature 250°C
Operating temperature / stability 15°C1) - 400°C2); <±0,02K
Cooling integrated water cooled heat sink; water flow > 0.5l/min
Crucibles 18 cm³ larger sizes on request
Crucible Material Cu, Ni, Au, Quartz (Liner)
Crucible / Liner 180-00-612 / 480-00-028
max. Power / Current 400W, 12A, Power Supply: PS 40-19
Shutter Integrates rotary shutter (S); tight sealing shutter (TS)


[1] lowest operation temperature depends on colling media temperature
[2] 300°C is recommended for max. long term temperature in case of TCC version


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