MBE Components, Organic Evaporators,Thermostar



“Thermostar” made of copper within a quartz crucible
  • Cu inset for reduced temperature gradients in the organic source material

  • Au, Ag or other coating on request

  • Flexible design to fit various crucibles

  • Temperature range 15-700°C


Due to their low thermal conductivity the evaporation of organic molecules from large crucibles often is a problem. While the outer molecules in direct contact with the crucible evaporate with an acceptable rate the rate strongly decreases for molecules in the inner part of the crucible. Therefore the total rate is much lower as possible and also the danger of decomposition of the organics is much higher due to the high gradient of the temperature within the crucible.

Our “Thermostar” shown in the figure above solves this problem. Made of copper the heat conductance into the organic material is strongly increased. To prevent reactions of the organic molecules with the copper surfaces of the Thermostar the surface can be optionally covered by gold, silver or other materials.

The flexible design offers the possibility to easily customise material, coating and the dimensions like length, diameter and thickness of the device. Please get in contact with our sales and distribution division to specify material and dimensions.