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Viewport Shutter


FSH 63-B-R
FSH 63-B-R, viewport shutter with rigid shutter blade on DN63-flange and feedthrough position right
  • Compatible with all UHV systems

  • Double-sided CF flange

  • Flange sizes DN63CF, DN100CF

  • Right-angle swing type shutter

  • Perfect view into UHV chamber due to 90° shutter opening

  • Actuated with rotary feedthrough

  • Magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough

  • Two different shutter blade design options

  • Bakeable up to 250°C


The Viewport Shutters FSH are high-quality swing shutters used to cover and protect all kinds of viewports in UHV systems.

The well designed swing shutters allow perfect shielding of the viewport, while providing an unobstructed view into the UHV chamber, when completely opended by 90°.
All FSH viewport shutters are actuated by magnetically coupled rotary motion feedthroughs with position lock. A feedthrough with welded bellows-sealing is available on request, e.g. for applications sensitive to magnetic fields.
FSH viewport shutters can be easily retrofitted between viewport and respective chamber flange due to double-sided CF flanges.

The range of FSH viewport shutters comprises two design options, as shown in the figures on the right hand side.

FSH with flexible shutter blade

FSH 100-A-L with flexible shutter blade in opened position

Design option A features a flexible shutter blade, that flexes and blends into the tube I.D. of the chamber port. Scratching along the tube's inner wall is prevented by small spacers. This design implements the largest achievable viewing diameter in conjunction with good shielding of the window.
Design option B carries a rigid shutter blade. The shutter blade can be opened 90° into the port tube. In closed position the blade overlaps on its circumference with the fixed aperture plate, thus providing a 100% optically tight shielding. The viewing area, howewer, is reduced in comparison with design A.

FSH with DN100CF window attached

FSH 100-B-L with DN100CF window attached (blade half opened)



The FSH viewport shutters are recommended for use on all viewports having direct sight into evaporation sources or onto other sources of intense heat- or vapor-beam-radiation. The effective shielding by the shutter blade reduces viewport coating and thermal stress to the window during deposition.

FSH viewport shutters are assembled with rotary motion feedthrough handle on the left side (option L) by default, as shown in the drawings below. Assembly on the opposite side (option R) on request.

The standard mounting flange type for all FSH viewport shutters is DN CF. Other flange types and sizes can be offered, too. Please specify requirements with inquiry.



Schematic drawing FSH - design A

Schematic drawing of the Viewport Shutter FSH - design A, feedthrough position L

(drawing shows FSH 100-A-L)

Schematic drawing FSH - design B

Schematic drawing of the Viewport Shutter FSH - design B, feedthrough position L

(drawing shows FSH 100-B-L)


Specific data

images/header_dimensions.gif Feedthrough position
images/header_s.gif images/header_i.gif images/header_d.gif images/header_x.gif images/header_l.gif images/header_t.gif
[mm/inch] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] Option
FSH 63-A
DN63 CF (O.D. 4.5") 50 56 113,5 74 50 17,5 L,R
FSH 63-B
DN63 CF (O.D. 4.5") 36 50 113,5 74 50 17,5 L,R
FSH 100-A
DN100 CF (O.D. 6") 80 92 152 95 85 20 L,R
FSH 100-B
DN100 CF (O.D. 6") 61 79 152 95 95 20 L,R