MBE  Components, Rotary Pneumatic Module RPM


Rotary Pneumatic Shutter Module


RPM 90-CCW, pneumatic rotary shutter module with 90° angle
  • Rotary motion mechanism

  • Shutter action times as fast as 250 ms (open-close)

  • Adjustable shutter speed

  • Option V: Endposition sensor and pneumatic switching valve

  • Automated shutter rotation with SCU

  • Use with mini rotary feedthrough


The Rotary Pneumatic Shutter Module - RPM - is a drive unit for rotary shutter motion. The angular range of motion can be adjusted between 10 to 200°. Its torque reaches 0,85 Nm at 6bar air supply. 

A Festo type pneumatic pneumatic drive is used to toggle between open and close shutter positions. Shutter action times as fast as 250ms (open-close) are achieved with this unit. The speed can be adjusted by two independent throttle valves which are integrated in the air supply fittings.

The RPM can be equipped with end position sensors and a switching valve (Option -V). This setup can be operated with our shutter control units SCU and SCU6 / SCU12.

The RPM is a very compact unit. It is especially suitable in very compact source clusters with tight space.