MBE Components, Soft-acting Rotary Shutter Module RSM


Soft-acting Rotary Shutter Module


RSM 90-CCW, soft-acting rotary shutter module with 90° angle
  • Soft-acting rotary motion mechanism

  • Shutter action time 0.2 sec (open-close)

  • Automated shutter rotation with SCU

  • Use with mini rotary feedthrough

  • Feedthrough UHV compatible and bakeable up to 300°C


The Soft-acting Rotary Shutter Module - RSM - is a drive unit for rotary shutter motion. A special designed gear driven by an electric motor provides a "soft", nearly sinusoidal angular velocity profile between two angular shutter positions.

The soft-action reduces particle generation and greatly increases shutter lifetime under UHV conditions. Fast shutter action times of less than 200ms (open-close) are achieved without mechanical shock and with minimum vibrations. This high shutter speed easily allows for sub-monolayers control of epitaxial growth.

RSM connected to SCU

Control unit SCU for Soft-acting rotary shutter module 

The RSM is designed to be mounted on a mini rotary motion feedthrough on DN16 CF (O.D. 1.33") flange. The feedthrough with welded bellows sealing mechanism transmits the rotation to the effusion cell shutter.

Automated shutter action is obtained with the RSM connected to our shutter control unit SCU. The shutter control unit provides the power to the motor (24V DC) and controls the shutter action. Position feedback indicators show the actual shutter status. The SCU allows manual and remote shutter control.

RSM module

Soft-acting rotary shutter module mounted on a DN16 CF flange mini feedthrough



The RSM is recommended for use with rotary motion shutters for all our evaporation sources. It is mountable on most rotary motion feedthroughs. For other shutter types we provide special soft-acting solutions.



Shutter opening angles of 60°, 90°, 103°, 110° or 127° are available. Please specify when ordering.

The direction of rotary motion also is factory-preset. The standard is CCW-rotation from "close" to "open", when looking onto the shutter plate (i.e. into the crucible of the source). Specify CCW or CW rotation, when ordering.
The standard shutter speed is 0.2 s (open - close). For special applications, such as heavy shutter plates or other reasons, we provide slower versions with shutter speeds as slow as 1 s between the end positions. This is recommended for large main shutters on substrate manipulators as example.



Schematic drawing RSM Schematic drawing of the Soft-acting Rotary Shutter Module RSM

(Drawing shows RSM 90 mounted on our standard shutter feedthrough)

The standard direction of rotation is CCW, from close to open.