MBE Components, Shutter S




Rotary cell shutter
Separate rotary cell shutter ADP 63-40-S mounted on DN63CF (O.D. 4.5") flange
  • Rotary and linear motion

  • Soft-acting shutter operation

  • Fully UHV compatible

  • Molybdenum shutter rod

  • Tantalum shutter plate

  • Special shutter liners as PBN, PG, Si

  • Easy to mount on cells and shrouds


MBE-Komponenten GmbH provides a variety of cell shutters designed for different evaporation sources and applications. Our versatile shutter equipment allows rotary or linear shutter motion, soft-acting operation and automated shutter control.

For our standard shutter we use a molybdenum shutter rod and a high-purity tantalum shutter plate which can easily be exchanged. This choice of materials guarantees clean operation even at very high shutter temperatures. Besides our standard Ta-Mo-shutter we also offer shutters made of other materials or with user-defined geometry. Special shutter plate liners are available; e.g. the shutters for carbon sublimation sources SUKO are lined with pyrolytic graphite.
If possible the shutter is mounted within the cell cooling shroud. We also provide shutters for cells without cooling shrouds, wherein the shutter rod is guided outside the effusion cell radiation-shielding.

Generally a bellows-sealed rotary motion feedthrough on a DN16 CF flange is used to drive the rotary shutter unit. We recommend using our magnetically coupled rotary motion feedthrough MRD 16. It is leakproof and especially designed for long-life operation in UHV.

Some applications like the electron beam evaporator need linear motion shutters. These are actuated by a magnetically coupled linear feedthrough on a DN40 CF flange.

The shutter feedthrough can be operated manually or by a soft-acting shutter module.