MBE Components, Shutter Control Unit SCU


Shutter Control Unit


Shutter Control Unit SCU-24V-230V
  • Soft-acting shutter control

  • Manual or remote operation

  • Suitable for all our shutter modules

  • Modular design

  • 19" rack system compatible


The Shutter Control Unit - SCU - is the power supply and controller for our different soft-acting shutter modules. Using the SCU you may choose between manual and remote controlled shutter operation. TTL-compatible remote control inputs enable interfacing with most MBE control systems.

Our shutter control unit is modular, which means that each cell shutter is operated by a separate control unit. This design reduces your costs, because only the really needed shutter controllers are mounted in the rack. The modular design permits adding shutter controllers easily to customers' needs.

The SCU housing is compatible with the 19" rack system. The front panel's height is 3 U (128.4 mm) and the width is 12 HP (60.7 mm). The installation depth is 180 mm and requires an additional space of about 50 mm at the back side for the connectors.

The SCU allows manual control of the shutter position (CLOSE / OPEN) through front panel switch and remote control (switch position AUTO). The front panel has two LED indicators for the actual shutter position (CLOSE / OPEN) when under either manual or remote control.

SCU back
SCU Shutter Control Unit - back side


Shutter Control Unit SCU 6

SCU 12
Shutter Control Unit SCU 12

The SCU Shutter Control Unit is also available as SCU 6 or SCU 12 Shutter Control Unit for simultaneous and individual operation of six or twelve shutters. The figures on the left show both SCU variants.



The SCU is recommended for application in shutter systems together with our soft-acting shutter modules, for rotary or linear shutters (RSM and LSM).