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Customized Source Clusters

Individual and particular cases


Special 90° Cluster Source
Special 90° source cluster with two individual linear shutters, mounted on a DN100CF flange.
  • Large variety of particular case sources available

  • Customized solutions with special designs

  • Close collaboration with customers

  • Consideration of special customomers' needs

  • Manifacturing of every practicable request


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Source clusters can add more sources to your MBE system, either as doping source or as thin-film deposition source in nanosciences. We offer a large variety of source clusters based on our standard evaporation cells with two cells mounted on a single flange. Because of the large variety of different UHV systems each cluster is individually designed. If your requirements for source clusters are more specialized than our standard Dual Cluster Sources DCS and our standard Quad Cluster Sources QCS can provide, please contact us. Our experts will consult with you for manifacturing any practically possible request.

Some examples of specialized particular source clusters are shown below:

The combination of a mini high temperature effusion cell HTEZ and a standard effusion cell WEZ, mounted on a DN63 CF (O.D. 4.5") flange is shown in the picture on the right hand side.

The HTEZ includes an 1.5 cm³ Al2O3 crucible, while the WEZ is equipped with a 10 cm³ PBN crucible. The integrated water cooling shroud prevents heating of the chamber as well as thermal interaction of the individual cells. The two separate shutters allow independent operation with minimized cross contamination.

Dual source cluster with individual shutters

Dual Cluster Source with DN63CF flange but with small O.D. diameter of 36 mm.
Fits in old Riber P32 MBE machines.

DCS 63-2x2-2S
Dual Cluster Source DCS 63-2x2-2S

An example for a combination of two totally different cells on one flange is shown in the following two pictures on the right. The first one shows the overall view of DCS 63-SUSI/WEZ which is a combination of a Standard Effusion Cell WEZ with rotary shutter and a Silicon Sublimation Source SUSI.

The second foto shows the top view of the same Dual Cluster Source. Clearly visible is the PBN crucible of the Standard Effusion Cell WEZ and the silicon filament of the Silicon Sublimation Source SUSI.

DCS SUSI/WEZDCS 63-SUSI/WEZ overall view

top view DCS SUSI/WEZ
Top view on DCS 63-SUSI/WEZ with insight of PBN crucible of the WEZ and the silicon filament of the SUSI

Customized Source Cluster for old BALZERS UHV Systems. Water cooling and individual shutters vor two WEZ source type sources. DCS 150
DCS 150

Two single standard effusion cells WEZ with a 10 cm³ PBN crucible in each cell are mounted in an angled position to allow the use of a horizontal port below the substrate. Each cell is equipped with an individual linear shutter. A water cooled shielding plate between the cells is thermally decoupling them effectively.

Special cluster source
Special 90° Dual Cluster Source with shutters mounted  on a DN100CF flange.

This cell is designed for horizontally oriented DN63CF (O.D. 4.5”) ports.
The OEZ 63-2x2-22-KKS-SF holds two 2 cm³ crucibles that can be heated individually. Both crucibles are encapsulated in a water cooled copper shroud. This encourages a fairly low thermal cross talk of the crucibles. This cell is equipped with a linear push-pull shutter that enables the user to open/close the crucibles independently.

OEZ 63-2x2-22-KKS
Dual Cluster Source OEZ 63-2x2-22-KKS-SF for horizontal orientation with linear push-pull shutter. 

A further source cluster variant is the QCS 100 on the adjacent foto. This customized variant of QCS 100 comprises three PBN 10-22 crucibles and one conical PBN C2-22 crucible and a heater concept with two hot lip filament heaters HL, one cold lip CL and one standard filament SF heater. The shutters have a pneumatic RPM drive unit for fast rotary shutter motion.

QCS 100
Quad Cluster Source QCS 100 with individual crucible sizes, individual heater variants and pneumatic rotary shutter mechanism



Our customized source clusters are commonly used for doping or thin film applications whenever an increase of capacity of the used system is desired.



The standard crucible material is PBN, but other crucible materials are also available. Crucible sizes, shapes and material are coordinated in close collaboration with the customer respecting design and application.


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