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Quad Cluster Source


QCS 40
QCS 40-4x1-12 Quad Cluster Source on DN40CF flange with multi-position rotary shutter
  • Source clusters increase the capacity of MBE systems

  • 4 cells on one DN40CF (2.75") flange or DN63CF (4.5") flange

  • Very compact cell design

  • Various crucible types and sizes available

  • Integrated water cooling

  • Multi-position shutter for QCS 40 and QCS 63

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Source clusters can add more sources to your MBE system, either as thin-film deposition source in nanosciences or as doping source. Because of the large variety of different UHV systems each cluster is individually designed. We offer a large variety of source clusters based on our standard evaporation cells with four different cells mounted on a single flange.
By default the "quad" cluster sources are designed as four-cell-clusters. However we are to supply customized solutions with two cells, e.g., Dual Cluster Sources DCS on one mounting flange tailored to the customers' need.

The picture above shows a 4-fold source cluster with 4 x 0.2 cm³ PBN crucibles mounted on a DN40 CF (O.D. 2.75") flange. It is equipped with a water cooling block and a special multi-position rotary motion shutter which allows to shut off 1, 2, 3 or all 4 cells. The shutter can be regulated either manually or remote by a Multi-position Shutter Control Unit MSCU.
For QCS 100 another shutter option is the use of four individual shutters mounted on the same flange. Each one of the four shutters can be opened/closed independently. Each one can be regulated manually or remote by a Rotary Pneumatic Shutter Module RPM.



The use of Quad Cluster Source increases the capacity of your UHV System by using only a single port for up to four individual sources. 
Possible applications are organic material deposition or other material evaporation up to about 1100°C.


Technical data

Mounting flange DN40CF (O.D. 2.75") or DN63CF (O.D. 4.5")
Dimensions in vacuum         QCS 40
Length: standard 220 mm (180-400 mm on request)Diameter: 36 mm
QCS 63 Length: standard 220 mm (180-400 mm on request); Diameter: 45 mm
Distance source-sample Typically 100 to 160 mm
Bakeout temperature 250°C
Temperature sensor Type K (Chromel/Alumel)  
Outgassing temperature
Operating temperature
Typical power consumption QCS 40 500°C @ 8 W / 4 A, 1100°C @ 50 W / 7 A
QCS 63 500°C @ 8 W / 4 A, 1100°C @ 50 W / 7 A
Crucible material PBN, Quartz, Al2O3, etc.
Crucible nominal charge       QCS 40 1-12: 0.2 cm3
QCS 63 1-14: 0.6 cm3
Cooling Water cooled block, 30 l/h cooling water flow, low temperature crosstalk
Shutters integrated multi-position rotary shutter (S



Crucible sizes from 0.2 cm3 and 0.6 cm3 are frequently used in Quad Cluster Sources. Other dimensions and different shapes (cylindrical, conical) are available on request. The standard crucible material is PBN. Other crucible materials are available on request.



Schematic drawing QCS 40
Schematic drawing of a Quad Cluster Source QCS 40
(drawing shows QCS 40-4x1-12-S with multi-position shutter)


Schematic drawing QCS 63
Schematic drawing of a Quad Cluster Source QCS 63
(drawing shows QCS 63-4x1-14-S with with multi-position shutter)


Specific data

For general information on CF mounting flanges see Flange and Gasket dimensions.

[cm³] [mm] Type Type [mm] / [mm] [W] / [A] Product code Product code
QCS 40 - 4x1 - 12 - S - SF¹ - K - Q - LxxxD36 15 / 7 4x PS 15-10-C Quartz 1-12
QCS 63 - 4x1 - 14 - S - SF¹ - K - Q - LxxxD45 15 / 7 4x PS 15-10-C Quartz 1-14
* rotary shutter possible on same flange       1 alternatively CL
** P=PBN standard, Q=Quartz; other materials on request  2 alternatively HL
*** specify UHV length L with order    


Please contact us if you need any other source configuration.

Example for Product code:

e.g. QCS 40-4x1-10-S-SF-K-Q-L220D36 

is a Quad Cluster Source on a DN40CF flange, with four 1 cm3 quartz crucibles (lip diameter 12 mm), integrated rotary shutter, standard filament heaters, type K thermocouple, in-vacuum length 220 mm and diameter 36 mm.