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Oxygen Resistant Substrate Manipulator / Heated Station


SH-O 150-2PT25-S
SH-O 150-2PT25-S, substrate manipulator on DN150 CF (O.D. 8") mounting flange; for a 2 inch wafer, with noble-metal-alloy heater and 25 mm linear travel for substrate transfer; with integrated main shutter
  • Oxygen resistance option of the SH substrate manipulator

  • Substrate temperatures up to 700°C with Ni-alloy heater; up to 900°C with noble-metal-alloy heater
    up to 900°C with SiC heater depending on oxygen partial pressure

  • Pressure range from UHV up few mbar oxygen

  • Water cooled ceramic bearings for continuous rotation

  • Substrate sizes up to 6 inch


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MBE-Komponenten GmbH offers ovens, deposition stations or heated stations which are resistant to oxygen or other reactive gas atmosphere. The oxygen resistant option is indicated by the affix "-O".
Selected shielding and construction materials are used for high temperature applications in oxygen rich environments. Maximum substrate temperatures of 700°C are possible using Ni-alloy heaters. Noble-metal-alloy heaters and SiC heaters work for even higher substrate temperatures of up to 900°C or in some cases even 1000°C depending on the oxygen partial pressures during operation.

Due to the wide range of different applications and processes in oxygen rich environments a general recommendation of heater and construction materials is difficult. Please contact our specialists for more detailed recommendations to your specific application.

The specifications and options for the SH-O substrate manipulators are almost the same as for our SH models. They are:

  • sample size up to 6"
  • continuous substrate rotation
  • water cooled ceramic bearings
  • linear travel for substrate transfer
  • thermocouple: Type K Chromel/Alumel (types R or S on request)
  • integrated main shutter
  • mask retainer

Substrate Heater
4" Substrate heater with free-standing noble-metal-alloy wire

Substrate manipulator with SiC heater
4" Substrate manipulator with SiC heater



SH-O substrate manipulators are used in oxygen rich environments (up to several mbar) or reactive gas atmosphere.

Special care must be taken when compounds are operated at high temperature and high pressure. In case of pressures above 10-4 mbar the thermal conductivity of gases has significant effects to heat transfer from heater to sample. It is strongly recommended to contact our specialists when planning your application.


Technical data

Heater type Ni-alloy wire (Ni) or noble-metal-alloy wire (Pt), or SiC heater (S)
Thermocouple Chromel/Alumel (type K);  (others on request)
Wafer temperature max. 700°C with Ni-alloy heater, max. 900°C with noble-metal-alloy and SiC heater
Bakeout temperature 250°C
Electrical contacts copper-free contacts for metal heater
Linear travel  25 mm standard, 30-50 mm on request 
Options integrated main shutter (S), electrically insulated wafer holder with additional feedthrough for bias voltage (B), tantalum wafer holder (T)



Schematic drawing SH

Schematic drawing of the Substrate Manipulator SH-O

drawing shows
SH-O 150-2W25-S)


Specific data

For general information on CF mounting flanges see Flange and Gasket dimensions.


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