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WH 100-2T
WH 100-2T, wafer heater on DN100 CF (O.D. 6") flange
  • Tungsten, tantalum, SiC or graphite heaters

  • Wafer temperatures up to 1200°C

  • Clean operation and high reliability

  • Substrate sizes from 1" up to 6"

  • Oxygen resistance and customized solutions possible


The wafer heaters or heated stations - WH - are suited for all substrate heating applications where the full functionality of a substrate manipulator is not required. For some applications, for example, one can renounce the rotation and/or the linear travel of the substrate. In that case Dr. Eberl MBE Komponenten can offer a wide range of different wafer heaters.

As for the substrate manipulators SH, heaters made from W, Ta, SiC, Pt or graphite are available as standard. Oxygen resistant or in otherwise customized versions are possible on request.

More examples of different heater designs are shown on the SH product page.

Heated stage for heating and sample transfer

Wafer heater with PBN diffusor for 4 inch wafers mounted on a DN150CF(O.D.8'') flange


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