Customized MBE/UHV Systems, MBE Systems

Customized UHV Systems



Customized UHV System
Dual chamber MBE for 4" wafer with automated transfer to SiGe and III-V chambers
  • Custom-designed MBE/UHV systems

  • Applications, e.g. III-V or Si/Ge MBE

  • Full range of evaporation sources

  • Flexible and modular design

  • Tailored to experimental requirements

  • State-of-the-art vacuum and growth specifications

  • Different UHV-pumping systems

  • Software / hardware control

  • In-situ characterization capability


Based on proven concepts in UHV and MBE system design we can offer several kinds of MBE and UHV systems.

System solutions from MBE-Komponenten GmbH combine state-of-the-art vacuum and growth specifications with the customers' individual needs. With the help of 3-D CAD it is possible to built up complex systems as 3-D computer models first. The modular design concept of our systems offers a high degree of flexibility to realize customer-specific configurations.

We manufacture a large variety of MBE sources and related MBE components in-house. This guarantees highest quality standard. For standard vacuum equipment like vacuum pumps, gate valves, transfer rods or feedthroughs we choose qualified OEM partners to guarantee your system specifications.

A wide range of in-situ characterisation tools can be integrated into the systems. We offer fully equipped systems including all cables, power supplies, controllers and additional equipment. Software/hardware control systems and MBE growth process software is also available.

Our team has many years of active research experience and long experience in the manufacture of MBE components. We are happy to discuss your MBE system specifications and give competent advice for your application. Please contact us for more information and for information on new projects.


Options for Customized UHV Systems

  • Additional load-lock or buffer chambers

  • Wafer transfer system

  • Full range of effusion cells, e-beam-evaporators, sublimation sources, valved cracker sources, gas sources, manipulators

  • Customized sample / wafer sizes

  • Customized number / sizes of ports

  • Software / hardware control system

  • Pumping system (turbo molecular pumps, cryopumps, ion getter pumps, etc.)

  • In-situ characterization tools, e.g. RHEED, BFM, Quartz, Pyrometer

  • Additional requirements