Multiprobe MBE Systems

Omicron MULTIPROBE MBE Systems


Omicron MULTIPROBE MBE for 2'' wafer, deposition chamber with 14'' cluster flange, up to seven ports for effusion cells
  • In-situ MBE growth and surface analysis in a single system


  • State-of-the-art vacuum and growth specifications

  • Software/hardware control system

  • Various wafer sizes from small sample plate up to 4'' wafer

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling shroud

  • Substrate temperatures up to 1250°C on wafer

The combination of OMICRON's wide range of multi-technique surface analysis systems for scanning probe microscopy and electron spectroscopy with the sophisticated MBE technology from Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten GmbH offers a new level of MBE / Analysis performance on wafer samples up to 4'' in diameter.

Omicron MULTIPROBE MBE systems allow observation and precise surface characterization during the growth process or between growth steps on a nanometer scale at any stage of the procedure without intermediate exposure of the sample to ambient conditions. The modular concept of the systems and the flexibility of the MBE source design enables the optimum realisation of customer specific configurations.

Please ask us or our partner Omicron NanoTechnology for detailed system descriptions and further information. Contact:

Omicron MULTIPROBE MBE for Si andSi/Ge research

Omicron MULTIPROBE MBE for Si andSi/Ge research; 4'' wafer handling system, flexible combination
of two electron beam evaporators and up to eight
effusion cells or doping sources