Organic Deposition System, MBE System

Organic Deposition System


Organic Deposition System
Deposition chamber of an Organic Deposition System
  • Compact system design 

  • Turbo molecular pumped growth chamber

  • Up to 8 sources for organic evaporators

  • Substrate size 1 inch up to 4 inch

  • Precise temperature controlled low temperature evaporation sources

  • Fast ramping

  • Uniformity of layers better +/-1% in thickness and composition

  • Software allows fully automated layer by layer growth with growth recipes, cell ramping  data logging. etc.

  • Fast entry load-lock with 5-10 samples in a lift-magazine


Based on proven concepts in UHV and MBE system design we offer a compact UHV deposition system for organic material growth. The UHV system allows the evaporation of various organic materials frequently used for OLED or organic solar cell fabrication on substrates up to 4 inch size. The system can be equipped with a separately pumped fast-entry load lock chamber.

We offer specially developed precise temperature controlled low temperature sources based on our patterned OME design (see chapter "Organic Evaporators"). This guarantees high quality organic layer deposition. For standard vacuum equipment like vacuum pumps, gate valves, transfer rods or feedthroughs we choose qualified OEM partners to guarantee your system specifications.

A wide range of in-situ characterization tools can be integrated into the systems. We offer fully equipped systems including all cables, power supplies, controllers and additional equipment. Software/hardware control systems and MBE growth process software is also available.

Our team has many years of active research experience and long experience in manufacturing of MBE components. We are happy to discuss your system specifications and give competent advice for your application. Please contact us for more information and for information on new projects.