Products for applications in nano- and opto-electronics

Applications in

Nano- and Opto-Electronics


Our MBE systems and components are frequently used for the preparation of SiGe and compound semiconductor devices such as HBTs, MESFETs, HEMTs as well as magnetic-optic devices, photo detectors and quantum cascade lasers, vertical surface emitting (VCSEL) and ridge waveguide laser diodes. Spintronic devices, single electron transistors, quantum dot lasers and  spin transistors are subject to ongoing research. Processed GaAs Epi-Wafer
Processed GaAs Epi-Wafer


MBE Systems

Octoplus 400OCTOPLUS 400 Octoplus 500OCTOPLUS 500 Octoplus 600OCTOPLUS 600
Rapid Thermal Annealing SystemRapid Thermal Annealing System Octoplus 500 EBVOCTOPLUS 500 EBV Octoplus 600 EBVOCTOPLUS 600 EBV


MBE Components

Substrate ManipulationSubstrate Manipulation Effusion CellsEffusion Cells Dopant CellsDoping Cells
Valved SourcesValved Sources E-Beam EvaporatorsE-Beam Evaporators Hydrogen Atom Beam Source HABSHydrogen Atom Beam Source


Simulation of deposition process

MC-SimulationMC-Simulation of MBE and other deposition