Products for applications in fabrication of nano structures

Applications in Fabrication of

Nano Structures


Our products in this category are widely used for the preparation of nano structures, self-assembling quantum dots, quantum wires,  roll-up tubes, nano-tubes, magnetic material growth, graphene layers and other nano-structures.
We provide our clients with very compact evaporation cells and clusters on small flanges, which are used especially for deposition on small samples.
The field of small sample preparation is currently the subject of intense research and surface science.

small sample preparation
Small sample preparation for MBE and Surface Science


MBE Systems

Octoplus 300OCTOPLUS 300 Rapid Thermal Annealing SystemRapid Thermal Annealing System


MBE Components for the fabrication of Nano Structures

Substrate ManipulationSubstrate Manipulation Effusion CellsStandard Effusion Cells
Source ClustersSource Clusters
High Temperature Effusion Cell HTEZHigh Temperature Source
Vertical Electron Beam Evaporator EBVVMini E-Beam Evaporators
Carbon Sublimation Source SUKOCarbon Sublimation Source