Products for applications in organics




Our organic material deposition systems and components are used in the preparation of OLED, organic solar cells and other applications on organic material deposition.

Our patented organic materials effusion cells (OME) use the linearity of the heat transfer between a heated reservoir and a cooled heat sink to obtain a higher cooling rate even at very low operating temperatures. As a result rapid cooling down, low thermal time constant and stable temperature control are achieved.

flexible substrate

OLED layers on flexible substrate


MBE Systems for Organic Material Deposition

Organic Deposition SystemOrganic Deposition System


MBE Components, Thin Film R&D and Industrial Organic Evaporators

Substrate Manipulation Substrate Manipulation Organic Material Effusion Cell OMEOrganic Material Effusion Cell
Organic Material Effusion Cell OEZOrganic Material Effusion Cell
OEZ ClusterOEZ Cluster Industrial Point SourcesIndustrial Point Sources
OME 100
Industrial SourcesFor other industrial  sources (Valved/ Linear) please contact us


Simulation of organic deposition process

MC-SimulationMC-Simulation of MBE and other deposition processes