Products for applications in fabrication of oxides and dielectrics


Oxides and Dielectrics


We develop oxide MBE systems and components for the deposition of oxide films in UHV systems. The products applied for the deposition of high TC superconductors yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO) layers, metal oxides (like SrTiO3), high k-dielectics as well as ZnO and other oxide materials. The MBE system and the components are designed to operate in a reactive oxygen environment. Substrate manipulators for these applications are equipped with oxygen resistant Pt or SiC heaters.

Electron beam evaporation as well as special thermal evaporation sources are used for vacuum deposition of oxide layers.  Sputter sources can be integrated upon request.

E-Beam Evaporation
E-Beam Evaporation


Oxide MBE Systems

Octoplus-O 400OCTOPLUS-O 400


MBE Components for oxide layer deposition

Substrate ManipulationOxigen Resistant Substrate Manipulator SH-O Oxygen Resistant Effusion Cell OREZOxygen Resistant Effusion Cells
High Temperature Effusion Cell HTEZHigh Temperature Effusion Cells
Multi-Pocket Evaporator EBVME-Beam Evaporators Oxygen Atom Beam Source OBSOxygen Atom Beam Source
Free Microplasma Source FMP