Products for Applications in Magnetic Material Layer Deposition

Applications in

Magnetic Material Layer Deposition


We manifacture MBE systems with thermal evaporation sources and e-beam evaporators for magnetic layer deposition. Magnetic multi-layer structures can be prepared with precise atomic layer deposition by careful in-situ flux regulation.

Examples of applications are:
Magnetic material devices (memories, tunnel junctions)


Ferromagnet (Co)
Nonmagnetic Metal (e.g., Cu)
Ferromagnet (Co)


MBE Systems

Octoplus 400OCTOPLUS 400 Octoplus 500OCTOPLUS 500 Octoplus 500 EBVOCTOPLUS 500 EBV


Components for Metal Deposition

Effusion CellsEffusion Cells High Temperature Effusion Cell HTEZHigh Temperature Effusion Cell
E-Beam EvaporatorsE-Beam Evaporators
SUKOCarbon Sublimation Sources
DECOGaP Decomposition Sources
Valved SourcesValved Sources


Simulation of deposition process

Flat Panel

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