Thin Film / CIGS / CZTS / CdTe, Production Scale Linear Evaporation Source LES


Production Scale Linear Evaporation Source


LES: Linear evaporation source for industrial applications
  • Large capacity up to 6000 cm³

  • High flow rate

  • Long lifetime

  • Propriatary encapsulation of heater and inner shielding

  • Excellent homogeneity due to beam shaping nozzle design

  • Encapsulated thermocouple

  • Evaporation zones up to 220 cm width


Our linear evaporation sources LES  are applied in industrial thin film deposition processes.

The unique design of the source provides excellent performance in terms of stability and homogeneity.

In every detail the source has been constructed for a long life time and easy maintenance.  Our proprietary and patented encapsulation of the inner source and careful selection of materials and its combination ensures long lifetime.


Main applications of the LES are:

  • Kesterite thin film solar cell deposition
  • Metalization processed in PVD systems
  • OLED or organic solar cell deposition


Applications of the LES for CIGS deposition are currently exclusive for one of our customers

Please contact us for more detailed informations.