Thin Film / CIGS / CZTS /  CdTe, Production Effusion Cell series PEZ


Production Effusion Cell


PEZ 63-160-60
PEZ 63-160-60 Production Effusion Cell for CIGS layer deposition. The cell is mounted in a cooling shroud
  • Flange size 4.5’’ (DN63CF)

  • Cell with integrated water cooling on 4.5’’/6’’

  • Indirect evaporation for Cu with insert

  • Beam shaping, increased material efficiency

  • BN liner on request

  • Large opening / reduced temperature

  • Se resistant shielding

  • Se resistant heater

  • Protected power feedthrough

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Production Effusion Cell PEZ is specially designed to meet the particular requirements for II-VI semiconductors, CIGS and for Kesteride solar cell material deposition. The operating temperature range is 200-1400°C. It allows evaporation or sublimation of a large number of elements and compounds, including standard materials such as Se, Ga, Cu, In, NaF, Sn or Zn.

Besides standard filaments SF, dual filament DF configurations are available, meeting the differing requirements of the evaporation materials. The figure on the right-hand side shows the cylindrical 160ccm crucible for the PEZ 63-160-60 with the beam shaping insert in the orifice.

The PEZ offers precise flux reproducibility and excellent thickness uniformity.
Very good source material utilization and flux stability are achieved by using of the beam shaping insert. Crucible inserts not only reduce the effect of fill level-related flux shift, but also act as a thermal buffer virtually eliminating shutter transients.

The consequent use of power and TC feedthroughs on separate DN16 CF flanges allows easy servicing. Completely closed power connectors with gold-plated contacts guarantee easy and safe handling of the PEZ.

The PEZ design offers wide flexibility to adapt to the particular requirements of UHV deposition applications with high throughput such as  fabrication of II-VI semiconductor devices or thin film solar cell development.

Filling levels in PBN 160-60
Cylindrical 160 cm³ crucible for the PEZ 63-160-60 with the beam shaping insert in the orifice


Simple removal of crucible and beam shaping insert from top allows easy crucible replacement and source refill. Our proprietary cell encapsulation provides increased lifetime for the heater and the shielding  in the aggressive Se and/or S environment.



The PEZ is especially suited for II-VI semiconductors, CIGS and for Kesteride solar cell material growth.
It allows evaporation of a large number of elements and compounds, including materials such as Se, Ga, Cu, In, NaF, Sn or Zn. The PEZ provides a robust cell design and the consequent optimization of many details leading to a improvement of stability and reproducibility, as well as excellent reliability and easy servicing.

Capacity for the PEZ 63-160-60: 160 ccm crucible for a 30° tilted cell geometry:

density minimum maximum
copper 8,954 g/cm3 98 g 877 g
indium 7,31 g/cm3 95 g 819 g
gallium 5,904 g/cm3 77 g 661 g


The PEZ 63-160 effusion cell is suitable for fast ramping procedures to comparably high deposition rates. With a precise dynamic ramping, the rate profiles of inline deposition systems can be reproduced. Process development and transfer from MBE-like co-evaporation systems to inline production systems become much easier.

A more detailed description you will find in the attached paper (28th EU-PVSEC, 3BV.5.17).


Technical data

Filament type wire heating filament: standard (SF), hot lip (HL), cold lip (CL), dual (DF)
Thermocouple W5%Re/W26%Re (type C) (type K on request)
Operating temperature 200-1400°C (recommended 700-1300°C)
Outgassing temperature 1500°C
Bakeout temperature 250°C
Cooling integrated water cooling shroud
Crucibles 25 cm³, 160 cm³, 420 cm³; crucible material: PBN
Options Rotary shutter (S)



Standard crucible material for the PEZ is PBN. Other crucible materials are available upon request.
For more detailed information about the crucible dimensions see page Crucibles.

The second number of the product code is the nominal crucible capacity [in cm³], the third number indicates the lip diameter [in mm] of the crucible. Please specify crucible material, if not PBN.



Schematic drawing PEZ Schematic drawing of the Production Effusion Cell PEZ

(drawing shows
PEZ 63-160-60)


Specific data

For general information on CF mounting flanges see Flange and Gasket dimensions.

[cm³] [mm] Type Type [mm] / [mm] [W] / [A] Product code Product code
PEZ 63 - 25 - 33 - K - SF* - C - P - LxxxD58 650 / 13 PS 40-19 PBN 25-33
PEZ 63 - 160 - 60 - K - SF* - C - P - LxxxD62 1000 / 14 PS 80-19 PBN 160-60
* alternatively CL, HL or DF
** PBN standard, other materials on request
*** specify UHV length L with order


Larger sizes for industry applications are available, too. Please have a look at Industrial Sources.

Product code:

e.g. PEZ 63-160-K-DF-C-P-L300D62

is an PEZ on DN63 CF flange, with 160ccm cruible, with water cooling shroud, dual filament Type C thermocouple, PBN crucible, in-vacuum length of 300mm and diameter of 62mm.