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Customized Solutions


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case our standard MBE products do not fit into your deposition system or are incompatible with the special geometry of your experiment. We will work closely with you in order to find a solution for your specific issue.

Typical examples of customized solutions are:

  • You may need a very small evaporation source to fit into a tight surface science apparatus. We offer very compact sources on small flanges.
WEZ 16-2-16
The figure shows a mini effusion cell with 2cm³ crucible.
  • You may need a very compact source cluster to evaporate two different materials alternately or simultaneously. The source should be equipped with water cooling and with shutters. The available mounting flange is only DN40CF.
DCS 40-2x1-14-S
The figure shows our solution DCS 40-2x1-14-S that meets these special requirements.
  • You may need even 4 small sources on a single DN100CF flange and fully equipped with shutters and cooling shroud.
QCS 100-4x10-22-KS
The figure shows the Quad Cluster Source QCS 100-4x10-22-KS.
  • You may need two sources on one regular source flange on your Riber system or your GEN II MBE. For example, you want to incorporate two doping sources (Be and Si) into one source port.
DCS 63-2x5-27-S
The figure shows two doping sources on a single DN63CF flange.
  • A DN100CF flange with with 90° orientation to the sample (previously used, for example, for an e-beam evaporator) shall be converted into a mounting flange for thermal evaporation sources.
Customized Cluster Source
The figure shows a special cluster of two effusion cells with 90° orientation to the DN100CF mounting flange.
  • High purity Si needs to be deposited in a GEN II MBE system. The drawing on the right side shows a vertical e-beam evaporator fitted into the growth chamber.
    The crucible is tilted in order to enable Si evaporation onto the vertically oriented substrate. It allows to melt the Si and thereby to achieve high deposition rates in this flat angle source flange geometry.
GEN II MBE system
Mini-e-beam evaporator with integrated shutter and tilted crucible for flat angle mounting
  • The drawing shows an effusion cell with a tilted crucible including shutter. This is another example for a very special customized solution used in a port off-axis to the substrate.
Effusion cell with a tilted crucible including shutter
Schematic drawing



Our team has many years of active research experience and long experience in manufacturing of MBE components. We are happy to discuss your system specifications and give competent advice for your application. Please contact us if you need a very special solution for your MBE growth project.