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News / 2016

Oxide MBE System OCTOPLUS-O 400

Versatile MBE system which is ideally suited for epitaxial oxide layer deposition combined with various in-situ analysis options.

The Oxide MBE-System Octoplus-O 400 is a thoroughly designed MBE system. Its unique dual zone concept allows depositing epitaxial oxide layers in high Oxygen or Ozone partial pressure without intense degeneration of the hot sources.

Oxide MBE System OCTOPLUS-O 400It is equipped with an Oxygen resistant SiC substrate heater and 12 source ports.  A multi-pocket e-beam evaporator can be integrated for evaporation of extremely low vapor pressure materials like MgO, Ta, Mo, W, etc. An Ozone source with or without enrichment is offered with Ozone injection close to the substrate. Due to dual zone design with strong differential pumping a more efficient use of the easily decomposing Ozone and a lower Ozone vapor pressure in the source area are provided.