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MBE growth of Topological Insulators


Topological insulators are materials whose bulk is electrically insulating, whereas their surfaces exhibit conducting states. There are  two main classes: three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) material systems. The 2D topological insulators are expected to exhibit one dimensional dissipationless edge channels, while the 2D plane inside is insulating.

Materials of special interest are: HgTe, Bi2Se3  Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3, Stanene, Heusler compounds, special oxides, and many others.

edge stages
Schematic illustration of symmetry protected spin polarized edge states in 2-dimensional topological insulators. They are expected to exhibit dissipation less current.


MBE Systems

Octoplus 300OCTOPLUS 300 Octoplus 400OCTOPLUS 400


Components for MBE growth of Topological Insulators

Standard Effusion Cell WEZStandard Effusion
Se-Valved Cracker Source VSCSSe-Valved Cracker Source

Sb and other Corrosive Material Cracker Source VCCSSb and other Corrosive Material Cracker Source VCCS
Thermal Cracker Cell TCCThermal Cracker Cell

Vertical Electron Beam Evaporator EBVVVertical Electron Beam Evaporator
Cs/Rb-Valved Alkali Metal Source AKSCs/Rb-Valved Alkali Metal Source